Why B2B-telemarketing is still unprecedentedly hot; now more than ever

Despite all the new marketing techniques, B2B-telemarketing is still unprecedentedly hot; now more than ever. And that isn’t without a reason! It’s fast, direct and result oriented. Especially now when working from home predominates, B2B-telemarketing is the way to go. Movements Marketing shares another five reasons why telemarketing remains effective.


Telemarketing is direct and therefore unique: you won’t easily find a similar marketing strategy. Nothing beats direct contact with your target group since it’s the only way potential customers gain insight into your company, the associated products and services in no time. Thanks to B2B-telemarketing, the person on the other end of the line is at least aware of your company and you know what that means… with brand awareness you’re already 1-0 ahead.


But in addition to the directness, it’s also personal and this duo combination is unique.
After all, direct and personal conversations with the target group provide valuable insights about the market and them. So listen carefully, ask critical questions and find out about their wishes and needs.


And with that the third reason follows; it’s efficient.
How? Because at the same time it’s clear whether your conversation partner is interested in your offer. You can respond to this (see points 2 and 4) and profit from it. In addition, the efficiency is also reflected in the possibility to measure and evaluate the telemarketing results immediately.


Gaining information and responding directly to it -all the more when it’s newly acquired information- involves flexibility.
Action points are already adjusted during the call based on the answers obtained. This allows your telemarketers to convey the (new) message in no time.


And efficiency goes hand in hand with effectiveness, because are you aware of how much time (and money) goes into generating, qualitative leads?
Especially when sales employees take on telemarketing as a side task. Expertise aside, sales and the acquisition of qualitative leads are two separate subjects. Logically, the use of experienced telemarketers is a plus.

Let us help you to get the most out of your business and let’s talk about B2B-telemarketing, it’s amazing what happens over a (online) cup of coffee…