Online meetings are part of the deal – the positive benefits and side effects

Since Covid-19 started to take over our daily life’s, all of us had to anticipate within the created new standards. And with this new ‘normal’ going on, doing business and making deals shipped more and more from offline to online. Nowadays online meetings are part of the deal – and if you ask us, they’ll be. But what are the positive benefits and how to deal with the so-called side effects? Movements Marketing steps in and clears the sky.

The benefits

A deal is nowadays just a phone or video call away and that’s great! Back in the days – the time before the global pandemic (that sounds unreal, doesn’t it?), you had several meetings before the actual deal and even though that’s more than logical, it was time consuming. Online meetings are hot because you get quicker to the point since the polite chitchatting is gone: and yes, that’s a positive benefit for one and a side effect for others.

Another important point why a lot of people recognize the positive benefits of doing online business and therewith online meetings, is the fact that you get faster in touch. And if you’re afterwards stuck with a question, you’ll easier grab the phone or make that video call; we’re all more informal and more relaxing – maybe that’s why the chitchatting is gone?

Besides that, it’s the ideal way of multitasking while discussing the possibilities with your colleagues and directly responding to your collocutor whilst coming up with new ideas. Does he or she wants to latest insights on a specific case and you’re not totally up to date since it’s the task of a colleague? We’re all just an online meeting away…

How to the deal with the side effects

At Movements Marketing we don’t think in side effects, but rather in challenges and new possibilities. That’s why we’ve created a couple of tips to deal with the so-called side effects of online meetings. But what are those to start with? While online meetings these days are indescribable hot – partly by the current situation and simply because they’re now part of our life and even more the future, entrepreneurs note that these online meetings are easily cancelled or even worse: they must deal with a no show without a notification.

So how to deal with these challenges since there isn’t an ultimate solution? The focus should be on appointment confirmations, in other words: check, check, double-check. Send a confirmation mail once the online meeting is set and a follow up mail when the day of the appointment is approaching. Check for yourself when it is best. Of course, the follow up mail should depend on the time between when the appointment was made and the day of the appointment.

And once the day of the meeting is there, you can send a text message. Depending on your client relationship it can be a casual friendly reminder of your appointment and the time. It’s also a good opportunity to remind your client of the necessaries for the online meeting. For example: don’t forget the summary of our talking points.

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